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“Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin’ ta Fu** Wit”

Gangsta rap - some artists just incorporate it into their rap image, while other artists really live it. Which side of the fence the Wu-Tang Clan falls on, remains to be seen, but there are some pretty serious allegations floating out there regarding the group’s involvement in a couple of murders.

Anthony Christian, a convicted drug dealer, was found guilty of orchestrating the murder of Jerome Estella, sometime last year. Christian now contends that the death of Estella was actually ordered and organized by members of the Wu-Tang Clan. Christian, who is currently awaiting sentencing for his active role in a drug ring and Estella’s death, is now alleging that Wu-Tang members ordered that Estella be murdered in retaliation for robberies supposedly committed by Estella. Christian also contends, Wu-Tang was responsible for the murder of Corey Brooker, another man who was murdered just three days after Estella was killed. Christian’s attorney, Michael Gold, states that there are FBI files that demonstrate that Estella’s murder, which occurred back in June of 1999, and is requesting access to all of the police files that relate to their murder investigations.

Ol Dirty Bastard, a Wu-Tang Clan member, had an FBI file that was released under the Freedom Of Information Act back in 2012, and the file referenced Wu-Tang Clan members RZA and Raekwon as the ones ordering the death of Estella in retaliation for robberies committed against their family members. Gold states that he is not the one suggesting that Wu-Tang Clan members committed these murders, but that the FBI files indicates so and Gold was simply reciting what he read. More importantly, Gold really wants to know what information the FBI based their opinion on to implicate Wu-Tang Clan in the murders.

While on trial, Brian Humphreys, the man who actually shot and murdered Estella testified against Christian at his trial. While he did state that Estella did rob RZA’s little brother and another informant stated that Brooker also robbed RZA’s brother and Raekwon’s cousin, none of the evidence submitted at trial, including the contents of the FBI file was sufficient to exonerate Christian of the charge of orchestrating Estella’s murder. The prosecution painted the story that Christian ordered Humpreys to kill Brooker as a rival drug dealer and Estella was killed to keep quiet about the plan. No one has yet been charged in the death of Brooker as it remains an unsolved mystery.

We are still awaiting a decision as to whether or not Gold will be granted access to all of the police files related to the murders. If law enforcement were onto the Clan and truly believed they were responsible for the murders of two people, I don’t think they would wait so long to make the case against them. Who knows, maybe Gold will find something the police/FBI overlooked. Sounds doubtful. Wu-Tang Clan has wisely refrained from commenting on the issue.

It’s been a while since Wu-Tang Clan has been in the limelight and it’s very unfortunate for them to enter it on these grounds. What I do remember about Wu-Tang is that they definitely rap as if they’re ‘bout that life, so hopefully it’s not catching back up with them.

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