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Kendall Minter, Celebrity Entertainment Lawyer, Music Industry expert and author gives us an overvie

We are very proud and delighted to bring to you a 10 minute interview of the amazing Kendall Minter: an entertainment lawyer, expert in the music industry and copyrights and author.

Really! This is a video that all artists, aspiring or establish should watch to ensure they keep up to date with new music industry methods, tools and trends.

Kendall shares many useful insights and provides key resources that will be helpful to many of you, our dear friends and readers.

We are very grateful to have had the privilege of spending time with Kendall to discuss some of his views about the latest trends in the music industry, his book “Understanding and Negotiating Ancillary Rights Deals: An Artist’s Guide to Negotiating 360 Record Deals”, his career and projects.

Kendall has had an amazing career and has done work for very successful celebrities such as, for example, the iconic Stevie Wonder, the great Jermaine Dupri, beautiful Ashanti, Kool and the Gang, Drake, Evander Holyfield and many more. Most recently Kendall has had the joy and immense opportunity to work closely with Clifton “Specialist” Dillon and world famous singer OMI on the single “Cheerleader”. Cheerleader has been #1 on the billboard charts for many weeks and has been a global hit.

Kendall sits on the board of,a not-for-profit organization that helps collect royalties from nearly all streaming sites to distribute them back to artists and to copyright owners. To give you an idea, SoundExchange has collected and redistributed nothing less than $3 billion back to artists since it was founded about 10 years ago. It is the biggest organization of its kind in the world! In another words, the world leader.

Kendall is also co-founder and inaugural Executive Director of the Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association and currently serves on its Advisory Board. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Rhythm & Blues Foundation and is the Chairman Emeritus of the organization. He is also a member of the Board of the Living Legends Foundation.

Enjoy the video and please do share it, comment or ask any questions.

Stay connected with us. In our next post we will be posting the Top 15 sites that all artists or music business professionals should know and use to help them boost their projects or career further!

Stay in tune!

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