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She’s Got Game


And boy does she ever! The she I’m referring to is Priscilla Rainey, a contestant on Game’s reality TV series, “She’s Got Game”. And how does she have Game you ask…by the balls really with these sexual battery claims she is alleging. Game has been hit with a $10 million lawsuit by plaintiff, Priscilla Rainey, based on an off-camera incident that occurred and which Plaintiff believed was part of the show.

Some background: The purpose of Game’s reality show is to find love. Because that’s how we all find love these days, right? A few of his celebrity friends selected 10 girls to go on tour with him, get to know him, have some fun with him, and every week he eliminates one girl with the hopes of getting closer to his dream woman by the end of the season. I’ve only seen one episode of the show, but I believe it’s in the starting episodes, but there are some opportunities where Game takes just a select few of the girls on a private date with him to spend some quality time with them and know them on a personal level.

Plaintiff contends she was selected for one of these solo private dates, but later found out that Game “conspired” with the TV show producers in luring her away from her hotel room to go out with the Game, where filming was not taken place and the encounter was not a part of the show. The two went to Adriana’s Sportsbar in Markham, Illinois where Game was allegedly highly intoxicated on drugs and alcohol and behaving out of control. Plaintiff states Game sexually assaulted her a number of times that evening, including forcefully reaching into her dress to grab her vagina and buttocks.

My guess is Priscilla wasn’t the lucky lady he chose to win his heart. Maybe she thought she would try her luck with him another way. I always wonder about women who allege sexual assault without filing criminal charges. One would think that coming forward with information such as this that the idea would be to protect other women from experiencing the same horror and to penalize a monster and then to file civil charges as an additional lesson to learn. When the civil suits come first or are never accompanied by criminal charges, it does make people wonder. I’m not into victim blaming or attempting to exonerate celebs who could very much be capable of the acts alleged herein, but whether Ms. Rainey’s allegations are true or not, one thing is for certain – she’s got Game.

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