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Midwest Book Business Shelf Review on"Understanding and Negotiating 360 Ancillary Rights Deals&

Synopsis: "Understanding and Negotiating 360 Ancillary Rights" deals examines the new and current music industry business model for record and multiple rights deals. The 360 or ancillary rights deal, also known as multiple rights or passive income deals is the new and now standard business model between the recording artist and music companies, which grants the company an economic interest and sometimes controlling rights to the artist's non-record activities in the entertainment industry, including touring, live appearances, merchandising, film, television, book publishing deals, product endorsements, licensing, online fan clubs, website ads, live theater and music publishing. "Understanding and Negotiating 360 Ancillary Rights Deals" covers: the evolution of the 360 deal, the scope of rights covered, key points to negotiate in order to minimize or reduce the flow of profits out of an artist's pocket. All major and most independent record companies are now including 360 ancillary rights provisions in their new and mid-level artist deals. Understanding the intricacies of these provisions and how to negotiate and navigate them successfully is essential for any artist seeking to enter into a recording contract. The information provided is also useful to independent labels, managers, entrepreneurs and music business managers or lawyers who deal with artists. The economics underlying the ancillary rights deals will impact an artist's or music company's financial bottom line and can make the difference between maintaining a profitable career or business or barely breaking even. Critique: Extraordinarily well written, organized and presented, "Understanding and Negotiating 360 Ancillary Rights Deals" is a comprehensive course of instruction that will prove invaluable for recording artists and musicians when dealing with record companies, other professionals, and corporate entities in order to establish the most financially beneficial relationships with respect to their careers. A thoroughly 'user friendly' guide, "Understanding and Negotiating 360 Ancillary Rights Deals" is very highly recommended for personal, professional, corporate, community, and academic library instructional reference collections.

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